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It is commonly used in the world of trucks and cars: air suspension to facilitate comfortable transportation. The trailers by Tohaco are the result of years of expertise in the transport world. After an extensive development process, Tohaco succeeded in creating a trailer that combines incredibly easy loading with unequalled driving comfort. Because you will always drive with the proper suspension, many worries regarding transport have become a thing of the past. Our Tohaco trailers add a new dimension to the term easy transportation. You will hardly notice you are driving with a trailer.

The successful Tohaco formula

Tohaco trailers are unique in three ways: comfort, safety and easy loading. All our trailers offer exceptional advantages regarding these aspects. The pages on the right provide information on the technology that lies at the heart of our innovative trailers. Did you know, for instance, that our air suspension automatically adjusts itself to the weight of your cargo by means of a level control, regardless of the load or road surface? Convince yourself and request a test drive! Driving with a trailer will take on an entirely new dimension. Every Tohaco trailer also has a compressor unit with air dryer to prevent condensation in the system. The air suspension system has been tried and tested and has successfully been used in, for instance, luxury vans and the camper sector.

Various configurations

The Tohaco can be supplied in various configurations. A closed box body, fitted with a hood, side extensions or a leaves rack are all options.

Choice of suspension system

We now offer the future user two options for a number of types: A completely electronic suspension system, innovative and reliable. A system with a quality compressor with air dryer, electronic level control, air supply compressor and its own traction battery.

TV suspension system

Our latest innovation. Favourably priced, manually operated and yet the same driving comfort, fully height-adjustable and just as safe.

Need advice?

Please feel free to contact our specialist team to provide good advice on the trailer with air suspension to meet your requirements. Optimal ease of transport is within reach with the possibilities our trailers offer. 

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Driving is extremely comfortable because of independent air suspension. Driving with a trailer will never be the same again. Our trailers offer exceptional driving comfort.
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Due to an extremely low centre of gravity and the best possible suspension at all times, driving with our trailers is not only comfortable, but very safe to boot.
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The floor can be lowered in its entirety, so cargo can easily be loaded. Using loading ramps or a tail ramp becomes a thing of the past.
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