Trailer with air suspension

Trailers with air suspension


Why a trailer with air suspension?

A trailer with air suspension has an extremely comfortable driving performance, a unique ease of loading and unloading and it is extremely safe and reliable. In short, it is the trailer of the future. The use of air suspension for a trailer is an innovative development and – in this type – has never before been available on the English market.


Level control

All Tohaco trailers have a level control that automatically adjusts itself to your cargo. The electronic control ensures that the trailer always has a pre-set ride height, regardless of the amount loaded. A difference in level between loads on the left and right will be corrected. So: whether you drive with or without a load, the driving comfort stays the same! The fixed ride height also has a beneficial effect on the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle.

Tohaco air suspension system operation

Height sensors have been placed on both sides of the chassis. These height sensors constantly measure the ride height of the vehicle. This information is sent to the electronic control unit that will then order the compressor to pump air in the air bellows, or to let air out, all depending on the situation. The compressor is equipped with an air dryer for trouble-free operation under a variety of circumstances. In addition to the electronic suspension system a number of types, for instance the motorcycle trailer, have a favourably priced manually operated suspension system available. No electronics, but just as safe, with the same driving qualities and of course height-adjustable.

Tohaco production

The Tohaco is a Dutch product that is also entirely manufactured in the Netherlands. Both the construction of the chassis and assembly take place in our own factory. By collaborating with renowned suppliers, our trailers are built with the best components available on the market.

Trailers with air suspension by Tohaco

The Tohaco trailers are available in various sizes and suitable for various types of transport, for instance motorcycles, equipment, elevated work platforms, pallets or cars. Other requirements, carrying capacity or dimensions? Feel free to enquire about the possibilities or request a no-obligation quote.




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