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Motorcycle trailers with air suspension

Looking for a new way to transport your motorcycle? Look no further and discover the trailer of the future: the motorcycle transporter with air suspension by Tohaco. 

Extremely comfortable driving performance due to air suspension

A motorcycle trailer with air suspension provides an extremely comfortable driving performance, because the trailer will always be suspended in the best possible way, with or without load! The air suspension system “filters” the unevenness in the road surface, resulting in less energy (vibrations) transferred onto the load and the passengers of the towing vehicle.  

Super road-holding with this unique motorcycle trailer

The air suspension system combined with the low centre of gravity and the specially adjusted shock absorbers ensure better road-holding and a steadier course of the vehicle. Moreover, this will result in less wear on the tyres. “Bouncing and dancing” on a bad road surface – as a conventional trailer would do – is a thing of the past. Towing an air suspended trailer with a car is an all new experience.


Exceptionally easy loading without loading ramps

The loading floor of the motorcycle trailer is height-adjustable with one push of a button. The drive-up angle is limited, making it easy and most of all safe to drive the motorcycle onto the trailer. Because the use of loading ramps or a tail ramp is a thing of the past, less space is needed to drive your motorcycle onto the trailer. The loading floor can easily be readjusted to the fixed ride height.  

Tohaco motorcycle transporter

The Tohaco motorcycle transporter unites all your demands for trouble-free transportation of your motorcycle. The transporter has been developed in collaboration with experienced motorcyclists. Read more about the Tohaco motorcycle transporter here. Feel free to request a no-obligation quote.



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